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Teff Hay

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from on 10/23/2019
Teff is very palatable and readily consumed as dry hay, silage or pasture by livestock. The forage quality is very similar to timothy hay at the various maturity stages. It is a preferred forage for horses, with relatively low non-structural carbohydrates. Teff hay is high in calcium as well as phosphorus, iron, copper, aluminum, barium and thiamin
e and adequate potassium levels.
nice hay!
from on 6/22/2019
Very high!
from on 1/18/2018
I have ordered Teff hay several times now from The Hay Guy and have been more than happy with the quality and delivery. I have had problems with Teff in the past and whatever source they are getting it from seems to be a good one. I haven't had any incidences of mold or the prickly seed heads that often come with this type of hay. My horses love it and the service has been outstanding.

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