Delivered Hay

Delivered Hay


*Delivery fee of $1.oo a mile after 20 miles from hayyard.

Serving San Diego Co. 

Always FREE Delivery

****Minimum Order is 10 Bales*****

**Max handcarting is 20ft from back of truck**


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2022 Alfalfa Hay

Beautiful Leafy Med Stem

In stock

2022 Bermuda Hay

Beautiful Long Stem

In stock


Barley, Wheat, Oats & Rye)



Teff Hay

In stock

Straw Hay

* Includes Delivery Only

In stock

Orchard Hay

In stock

Empty Pallet

Empty Pallets

$10.00 / unit(s)
In stock

Deivery Fee

Per Mile after 20 miles from Hay Yard (92040)

$1.00 / Package(s)