Ca. Blend Shavings



10 cu.ft. Opened


Why Bagged Mini Flakes or Shavings?

Dust Free – 100% Dust-Screened Mini Flakes Or Shavings

Our Mini Flake or Shavings have been rigorously screened to eliminate dust particles. This means that you and your horses will be free from respiratory irritants that originate in un-screened shavings (commonly found in bulk, blown-in, or “dumped” shavings).


Our pine wood mini flakes or shavings have been both kiln and air-dried before bagging to remove all excess moisture that would otherwise add unnecessary weight to the bag, and may attract further unwanted irritants such as mold.


Our mini flakes or shavings are so absorbent that they will form a solid ‘cake’ when used that can easily be forked or “mucked” out of stalls.

Fluffy Pieces

We diligently separate our shavings from any unnecessary debris by means of our custom screeners. We exclude small, crunchy pieces and any larger pieces of wood from every bag, thus allowing for more comfort for your horses while in their stalls.

Plastic Bags

Our bags are made of durable, water-resistant, UV proof plastic, with gusset handles for easy carrying.

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